33 years working as a jobbing Illustrator and Graphic Designer, mostly on a freelance basis finding my own work or operating through agents. Periods of formal employment with Yorkshire Post Newspapers (first time in Creative Services, second as a one man Editorial Graphics Department during the second Gulf War and the wars in the Balkans following the break-up of Yugoslavia - as well as all the routine requirements of the Editorial department). Also a period in a provincial advertising agency ending as a Creative Team Leader. A shorter but very productive period working in Tourism Promotion, Information and Site Graphics for a Local Authority.
More recently, some work with an animation company for BBC educational programmes, and three series of Microscopic Milton with the same people - Tony Garth and Ian Jackson - the best background work I've ever had (though it was a little more complicated than just colouring in). Working through an agent; illustration for natural history books. Some additional work in pattern design for wallpapers and decorative textile products.
After 33 years it's not as easy to identify goals, especially as my core goals have always been self improvement and to extend my experience for the benefit of the work. These endure while 'ambitions', many of which have been achieved, have paled and dropped away.

It's about the work, not about me.

Aeros - speculative work 

Albert and his Dog - Titlepiece for an unpublished story

 Illustrations for a written paper on Permian mammal-like reptiles

 Published illustrations

Newspaper features illustration

Wallpaper design 

Text illustration for Albert and his Dog 

Typographic design projects - fonts in development 

 Design for a label for a solid perfume jar lid

Wallpaper design 

Astrological calendar - Pisces 

Newspaper illustration

Published illustrations - puzzle calendar 

Logo and swing ticket proposals 

Brochure cover illustration 

Published illustrations 

Poetry magazine illustration - The Tallow Tree 

Sketchbook illustration - water lillies 

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